Writing by Ridge and River is featured in:

Cloudburst (2019 Spring/Summer Edition) – Published by the Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Colombia, this publication includes educational articles, trip reports, poems, stories, and general backcountry information.

Featured article: 30 Below Zero – A Survival Epic

Adventure Marine Magazine (2020 Edition) – Published by Adventure Marine Manufacturing, a marine company known for producing high-quality, locally made boats and accessories, this magazine promotes an outdoor lifestyle filled with adventure.

Featured article: Liberation: the Maiden Voyage of the Moksha

Ridge and River is a regular contributor to:

outdoorchicks.org – Outdoor Chicks is a community of passionate ladies who enjoy the power of nature to transform, improve themselves, and strive for something better. Our goal is to inspire, help, and grow together in a professional and personal manner. #outdoorchicks

lowermainlandhikers.com – Lower Mainland Hikers aims to bring people together with a shared loved of the outdoors through social media, and to educate hikers about some of the amazing trails in the Lower Mainland, while also focusing on proper preparation.